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ALL ABOUT READING from the beginning. VIDEO and Examples of teaching reading


Following on from a previous post about Reading, this time I've included some videos.
I've been trying to upload videos since the beginning of the year and finally managed to get one on it.
You can play a race against time game, with the child trying to read them all within a minute for example. See video. See the above video.

 Learning to read in English is basically learning the phonic sound rules along with memorising the irregular words that don't conform to the rules. Be perseverant!

Just to recap the first stages of Reading.
1) Before they can read, read books to them occasionally pointing out words for them to try and read.
2) Get them used to the alphabet and the sounds they make. A for a Apple, 'a' 'a'a Apple... etc. there are lots of videos with the phonic alphabet. you could start this around 4 years old or even earlier if they seem ready.
3) Start with easy readers. e.g from a Publisher like Oxford. These are graded and you can work through them. The first level is literally  one word and a picture. "Sam". "Dog" and then "Sam is a dog". The words are phonic and regular and you get them to read them as sounds not the letters of the alphabet. S - A - M etc.
4) You can complement these with books which focus on non-regular spelling words, so called 'Tricky Words". We read one called Tricky Witch (see above video).

LEARNING TO READ VIDEO EXAMPLE. In this video below Marc (5 years old)  is starting to use the phonic method to read a simplfied/graded book: The Magic Porridge Pot. It includes some irregular words.

Here's another one below from the same series and LEVEL - THE LITTLE RED HEN. Notice how we also talk about the pictures and praise him for Reading. I had already read this story to him at an earlier pre-reading age so he knew the story. At this early stage a lot of patience is required!



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